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Bill Schimmel

Bill attended John Glenn High School where he was part of the Basketball, Track and Field, and Golf teams all four years. He graduated from Muskingum College with majors in Physical Education and Psychology. While at Muskingum, Bill competed on the Track and Field and Golf Teams. Bill coached Track and Field and Cross-Country at John Glenn High School for 6 years and one year of Wrestling at the East Muskingum Middle School.

Bill began his career as a professional fitness trainer in 1990, while attending graduate school, at Miami University. To help pay school bills he worked at Bally's Scandanavian, in Cincinnati, as a personal trainer. During that period Bill created custom crafted fitness programs and provided psychological skills training to over 1,000 very different individuals. Individuals such as; professional and College athletes to children as young as 10 years and adults of 95 years, nuns, musicians, business leaders, teachers, farmers, etc. "It was the best learning experience I could have possibly had", says Bill. "I was in graduate school studying and researching how the human body works and the behavioral and psychological aspects associated with sport and exercise, while at the same time I was in the field applying learned principles from academe across a vast demographic and being challenged every day with new people with different issues and different levels of motivation".

From 1995 - 1998 Bill was the physical trainer for the Ohio State women's soccer team and mental skills coach for the Muskingum college woman's Basketball team. Also, during this period Bill was training members of Nautilus Fitness Center and Genesis Fitness Center, in Zanesville, Coshocton's Sports and Courts, and traveling to peoples homes as an in home trainer. In 1998, Bill chose historic downtown Zanesville as the location for his own brand of niche fitness center.

Schimmel Fitness is Bill's vision of what a fitness center should be. "We believe once a person walks in the front door it becomes our responsibility to make sure they keep coming back". Bill created a version of a fitness that does not just rent space to people and wishes them luck in reaching their goals, but rather one that guides the novice exerciser thru the perils of beginning an exercise program and leads them to the joys of, not only, adopting an active lifestyle, but being personally responsible for their own health. At present Bill continues to learn from the people he helps and hone his craft as a provider of a better quality of life through fitness.

35 N. 4th St.
Zanesville OH. 43701