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Jason Brock

A former college athlete, Jason grew up playing sports and has been living and breathing fitness for over 30 years. Jason has been with Schimmel Fitness since July 1999 and is the Athletic Performance Director and owner of a Athletic Performance and Fitness based website. He attended John Glenn High School where he was a member of the Football, Wrestling, and Track and Field teams for all four years. Jason is a graduate of Heidelberg University with a degree in Health, Physical Education and Recreation. While at Heidelberg, he competed in football and track and field. He was all OAC in Track and Field. Jason was a team captain and also maintained the duties of creating and implementing the Track and Field Strength and Conditioning program. In 2010 Jason became part of the Heidelberg Athletic Hall of Fame and was joined by his brother Jeff Brock in 2013.

Jason studied superior program design under Coach Elliott Hulse. Jason is currently consulting with Dr. Eric Serrano the Chief Medical Director and Formulator (MP) Muscle Pharm on nutrition. He is a certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, Olympic Lift Instructor, Kettlebell Instructor, TRX Suspension Trainer, and Group Fitness Instructor. Jason is currently a member of the NSCA, NASM, ISSA & IYCA.

Jason is an accomplished powerlifter, having held several state, national records. Jason still enjoys participating in numerous recreational sports and likes to be recognized as a coach who can sprint, jump and lift alongside his best athletes to push them and himself the higher levels, while keeping them healthy in the process. He takes pride in being very knowledgeable about nutrition and supplementation. Jason enjoys working with people of all ages and fitness levels, but is especially adept at working with young athletes, and has made it his own personal mission to dedicate his life's work to the service of helping other men, women and children to also discover their true mental and physical potential. I want to share my experiences with others, as "We are becoming the strongest version of ourselves!"

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