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Gaila Sunkle

Gaila has worked with Bill Schimmel since 1999. Gaila started as a member at Schimmel Fitness and liked what she was doing so much she decided to come to work for Bill. She currently serves as the Operations Manager and Spinning Coordinator. Gaila attended Tri-Valley High School and Ohio University graduating with degrees in Psychology and Education. Gaila is an avid cyclist and fitness enthusiast. Over the past 10 years Gaila has volunteered and participated in numerous charity tours as well as adventure races and orienteering competitions(with Karen). In addition to cycling, Gaila enjoys skiing, helping those less fortunate, and most importantly playing the all important “Soccer Mom” role for her two teenage boys who seem to have acquired the same love of cycling as their mother.

35 N. 4th St.
Zanesville OH. 43701