We value each member of our classes, and understand that every attendee will have different objectives and limitations. We limit our classes to fifteen participants. Smaller class sizes allow us to instruct participants individually, and adapt the movements to each unique body.

All of our classes are open to the public. Members receive a discounted class fee. Check the specific class listing for pricing details.

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More than just a workout, “SPINNING” is a comprehensive mental and physical training program. Led by a certified instructor, Spinning program classes combine a foundation of basic cycling movements with motivational coaching techniques, breathing awareness, and heart rate training.

Participants burn an average of 500 calories in forty minutes of non-impact, individually paced cardiovascular exercise. Inspirational music and a non-competitive environment ensure a fun, safe, and effective journey for participants of all ages and fitness levels. The SPINNER bike allows each student to control his/her exertion level while still enjoying the motivation of a group setting. These innovations create a unique experience that has transformed the essence of group exercise.

Our Spinning program welcomes participants of all fitness levels. Whether you are a beginning exerciser or a skilled athlete, we all start at the same place and successfully complete our forty-minute workout together.

Boot Camp

Our fitness boot camp mixes traditional calisthenic and body weight exercises with interval training and strength training. Our boot camp is designed to push participants harder than they would push themselves, while allowing for a variety of fitness levels—from beginners to advanced trainees.

Each participant receives personal instruction within the group setting. Every exercise is adapted to the individual’s unique needs and limitations. Along with basic instruction, nuggets of fitness wisdom are delivered throughout the class period. Our goal is to have you walk or crawl (your choice) away from every class with more knowledge about yourself, exercise, and the fitness lifestyle.

“Fit to a Tee” Golf Program

Our “Fit to a Tee” golf fitness program makes your golf game more enjoyable. The program will consist of a biomechanical fitness evaluation that assesses your strengths, weaknesses, and postural issues that can cause swing faults and possible injuries. The assessment will continue with a swing analysis. With this information, a specific exercise plan is designed to help individuals work to improve their game and reduce their limitations. Call Karen at 740-454-2705 for an appointment.