Whether you want to get ripped, get healthy, or just get comfortable, our personal trainers are equipped to listen to your unique situation, assess your abilities, and craft a plan that helps you safely and effectively reach your goals.

Regardless of your current level of health or physical fitness, our supportive, encouraging staff will address your questions with positivity and respect.

Schimmel Fitness works with clients of all ages and types. Whether your goals are prehab, rehab, fitness, sports performance, or you just want to push your limit a little further, our trainers will help you get there.

For many clients, our trainers utilize Functional Movement Screening—a comprehensive test designed to identify movements and muscle groups that are performing below their maximum potential. We have the only training staff in the area trained and certified in this technique.

Personal training can be scheduled as-needed, or on a regular, ongoing basis.  Please contact us to speak with a trainer today.